6th Grade Retreat Fall 2014

Life Academy has a tradition of class retreats at both the beginning and end of the year to build community. This year, the 6th grade had it’s first beginning-of-the-year retreat at nearby Peralta Park. Students performed community service, had a cookout, played trashball, and participated in team-building games. The goal was to build class identity and the instill in students that, here at Life, we take care of each other and our community.

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Post Session 2014

The last two and a half weeks of school at Life Academy are dedicated to Post Session where teachers design and lead courses based in the arts and/or physical education. Below are pictures from only a few post session options:

  • Boys vs. Wild: 6th grade boys explored the Bay Area learning about hiking, topographic maps, and plant identification.
  • Girls Got Game: 6th grade girls experienced yoga, hiking, capoeira, and crossfit and examined the question, what is beautiful?
  • Hips Don’t Lie: High school students explored and practiced different types of dance.
  • Foot Prints: High school students explored Bay Area trails and artistically represented their experiences in nature.
  • Surfing: Students learned how to swim and then spent three days camping and surfing in Santa Cruz.
  • Yosemite: It’s a Life Academy tradition that all 10th graders go to¬†Yosemite Valley on a week-long retreat to build community.
  • GO!: Students learned the basics of backpacking and then went on a five-day backpacking trip on the East Bay’s Ohlone Wilderness Trail.

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Mental Health Awareness Night Spring 2014

7th grade students completed an interdisciplinary project on different facets of mental health and then hosted a Mental Health Awareness night to present their work, de-stigmatize mental health issues, and raise money for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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Skirts for Sasha Day Spring 2014

Teachers and students wear skirts on Skirts for Sasha Day to stand up for a gender queer teenager targeted by violence in Oakland.