At Life Academy, all of our 11th- and 12th-grade students participate in an internship related to the health and science fields.  As part of this internship, they need to keep a blog of their experience, and design a research project which can be investigated on the job.

The internship blog is located at At present, access is by invitation only.   If you would like an invitation to the blog, please click on the link and follow the instructions given.

Our Internship Partners

We are very grateful for the continued partnership we have with the following agencies, all of whom host several Life Academy students in their internships:

Students interning at the Chabot Space and Science Center learn about Earth Science and ways they can educate others using the center’s hands-on exhibits, observatory, and planetarium.
Interns of FACES for the Future participate in a 2.5 year clinical internship at Oakland Children’s hospital where they take a medical terminology class & learn about various health career options available to them. 
Students that intern at Family Violence Law Center work closely with patients who are victims of abuse. Inters receive more of a public health perspective from this site.
Fremont High School Basketball Sports Medicine
Interns will regularly participate in the JV Warm-Ups and assist in taping up players while taking a First Aid and CPR class with the Red Cross. Should an injury occur, interns will use their First Aid skills to assist as well.
Interns at Highland Hospital participate in classes that will help them become self-advocates in order to follow a career in the health care field. Students will participate in a paid summer internship beginning in the summer.
Most interns at ICS are enrolled in Life Academy’s Psychology class where they study child development and apply what they have learned to their internship.
Interns at Jefferson Elementary work with students in the after school program while they are studying child development in their Psychology class at Life Academy.
Interns at Mercy Retirement and Care Center learn to be compassionate while working with an aging geriatric population.
Most interns at Telecare are enrolled in a Sociology class at Merritt College. Interns apply what they have learned in this college-level class to their internship at one of four Telecare facilities.
Think College Now
TCN school serves students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Most interns at TCN are enrolled in Life’s Psychology class, where they look at various stages of child development, with a specific focus on how a child learns. They apply their knowledge to their Internship at TCN.
Interns at Youth Bridge take a 10-week long course at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center as their training for a paid summer internship at one Alta Bates Medical Center location.