Patterns In Nature: Digital Photography
This blog showcases the photographs taken by Life Academy students during a post-session class in 2009. The photographs focus on patterns in nature, and were used to investigate the presence of fractals and mathematical patterns in our world.

The Real Life Tribune
Life Academy’s very own student-led publication! Articles are written by the Digital Journalism class and discuss important issues on campus and around the world as seen from the perspective of Life Academy students.

WHYs UP! A critical look at the Bay Area from the perspective of East Oakland Youth
This website was created by 25 high school students from East Oakland, and their two teachers. From May 19th, 2008 to June 10, 2008, they took trains, buses, the ferry and paddle-boats to get to places all around the Bay. When they got there, they interviewed strangers, took notes and photos of safety, health and accessibility, economics, aesthetics, food, and diversity. They asked the “whys” that define their community: Why are people afraid of Oakland? Is it really better in other neighborhoods, like Berkeley and San Francisco? What do people in other Bay Area neighborhoods think of Oakland? It was these questions – and many more – that set us out around the Bay Area to explore and interview people, and then write all about it on this blog.