What makes Life Academy different?

  • Personalized college counseling and academic mentoring
  • On-site College and Career Information Center (CCIC)
  • Internships for all 11th- and 12th- grade students aimed at preparing students for a health/science career
  • Personal advisors to mentor students throughout their time at Life
Alternative Assessment: new ways of showing ‘mastery’
Students at Life Academy aren’t just given a test on a piece of paper to show that they have mastered the subjects they are learning. Instead, there are several different “Certifications”:  special assignments that make up the core of every class.  Certifications can be traditional tests, but they are often presentations, projects and exhibits that allow students to show what they have learned in many different ways.   Some certifications include digital stories, mock Supreme-court trials, panel presentations, poster exhibitions, creative work and performances. Each grade-level also has their own exhibitions throughout the year, as well as major projects, presentations, and community-based performances, panel interviews and school events.
Extended Day Programs — it’s not just “after school” at Life!
At Life Academy, we realize that we need to connect with kids and get them excited about learning, every hour of the day.  Our Extended Day Program (EDP) is designed to engage students in the learning process, with support for academic classes, as well as other programs which take place before, during and after school.  These programs include mentorships, internships, counseling, sports, art programs, and community service initiatives.  We want to educate the student as a whole person, to become not only a successful scholar but also a happy and respected member of the community.
Post-Session: a fun, alternative method for earning elective credits
The last two weeks of the school year are reserved for Post-session:  full-time classes that allow students to earn a full semester of credit in either Art or Physical Education. Students have a chance to elect their classes of choice, and attend that class all day, every day for the last two weeks of school.   Classes are team-taught by teachers here at Life.  Previous classes on offer have included: cooking, outdoor education, gardening and welding, service-learning, swimming and soccer, backpacking, dance, cultural studies, photography, media studies, film-making, martial arts, triathlon fitness, cycling, mural arts and portraiture.