College and Career Information |  Community and Extended Day Program

Life Academy exists specifically to support students who have an interest in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, mental health, and other health-related career paths.

  • All students select one of our career pathways: medicine, mental health, or biotechnology.
  • Life Academy has a major focus on biological sciences, and all students take extensive coursework related to biology.
  • Life Academy provides pathways to post-secondary study: all students have the opportunity to take advanced coursework in each career pathway area.
  • In preparation for higher education and success in their chosen fields, students are complete an internship with our Featured Partners, in locations like hospitals, bio-tech labs, schools, and community health programs.

Life Academy has the highest UC and CSU acceptance rate of any high school in Oakland. Our graduates have gone on to universities and colleges like UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of San Francisco, UCLA, UC Davis, Smith College and San Francisco State.