College and Career Information Center (CCIC)
East Bay Consortium

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Students visit Pitzer College while at the HOSA Conference.

The College and Career Information Centers enhance access to higher education for students attending Oakland schools and trying to get to college. Our mission is to provide information and counseling services related to college admission, financial aid and other topics associated with pursuing a higher education.

One-on-one and workshop style services provided at the Centers include the following:

  • Academic and career advising – assistance in developing long term educational plans
  • Information on college admissions requirements and assistance with completion of college applications
  • Financial planning for college, including assistance in completing the necessary paperwork
  •  Academic tutoring and test-preparation instruction
  • Guidance and referral for secondary-school reentrants, including GED placements and review
  • Presentations and drop-in advising by college representatives
  • Referrals for personal counseling, employment opportunities and other non-academic needs to community-based providers

Director: Nanci Roman

Daughter of Mexican immigrants and the youngest of four, Nanci Román was born and raised in the community of Watts in the city of Los Angeles. While in high school, Nanci began working as a Peer College Advisor and discovered two of her biggest passions, youth and education. After high school, she was the first in her family to go to college and is now a proud graduate of UC Berkeley with a major in Ethnic Studies and a minor in Education. During her undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, Nanci began getting involved with the Oakland community through her work with the East Bay Consortium/Cal-SOAP, East Oakland Boxing Association, organizing in West Oakland, and conducting research on youth violence prevention efforts. Today, Nanci is the Program Coordinator of the College and Career Information Center (CCIC) at Life and is currently working on her masters in school counseling at San Jose State University.

CCIC Staff:
CCIC College Advisors are currently enrolled in local four year colleges and universities. Many of the college advisors are 1st generation in their family to attend college and resemble the Life Academy community. CCIC Advisors are responsible for providing information and support services related to high school graduation, college admission, financial aid and other topics associated with students pursuing and accessing higher education.